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FFVII AU: Akisu (Zack / cloneling) [17 Feb 2008|11:58pm]

Title: Akisu (either "prowler" or "empty nest")
Fandom: FFVII AU
Author: [info]chibirisuchan
Pairing: Zack & an escaped Safer-Sephiroth-model clone (eta: link fixed thanks to Jou!)
Rating: R (including xeno)
Disclaimer: totally not mine; never even played it in fact...

So Coyo went and got a concussion a while back, which produced the request for pr0n to make her feel better. I tried to think of what would make Coyo happy and came up with "Zack" and "xeno." ^__^ I am, as ever, horribly slow, although this time at least it was "a couple weeks late" rather than "a couple years late". XD;;;; I also kinda fail at pr0n details. The funny thing is I think some of the non-sex scenes are more sexy than the actual sex scenes, wherein I kinda flailed a lot (sweatdrop). Anyhow, fic ahoy!

Fic here )
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FFVII AUs - fan-fanfics for Ciceqi, #3 of 3 (set in Hillbillyverse, Zack/Cloud) [08 Jan 2008|10:14pm]

Annnnnd here's the third of them. ^___^;; was wayyy too tired to post it and link it last night...

Title: Holy Writ
Fandom: FFVII
Author: [info]chibirisuchan based on [info]ciceqi's Hillbillyverse AU
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: totally not mine; never even played it in fact...

Holy Writ: Hillbillyverse )
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FFVII AUs - fan-fanfics for Ciceqi, #2 of 3 (set in Tentacleverse, Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris) [07 Jan 2008|11:46pm]

Titles: Tropical Fruit Cocktail (or "Waiter, there's a Tentacle in my Mai Tai." Or if anyone's got a better idea, please tell me? ^_~)
Fandom: FFVII
Author: [info]chibirisuchan based on [info]ciceqi 's Tentacleverse AU
Ratings: PG-13 to R in various sections
Disclaimer: totally not mine; never even played it in fact...

Also: Fanart by Dogmatix! Seph goes fishing - no cheesy hats involved. XDDD I'm not sure who's scarier - Seph or the fish! I take that back; Seph clearly won, after all!

...yeah. More tentacles. Did I mention how they just keep SPAWNING? (I'm so not going to be surprised if it takes me several posts to get this all up.) And I so wouldn't want to go up against Seph OR Zack once they got hold of enough weapons to have one per limb... XD

not to mention: oh the meta, let me count the ways! This is an AU of an AU and a fanfic of a fanfic. Never mind the fourth wall, I think I need a sixth or seventh wall to break... I'm going to look up the LJ and IJ links to Coyo's Tentacleverse and link 'em back in as soon as I get the fic itself posted & proofed.

I decided I was going to call it a day at 7 sections because, well. And I wrote the last two of them in the past 48 hours, and BOY did I not see that coming a year ago. A year ago my outline went (approximately) 'Hojo has got more experiments and one of them makes a nuisance of itself and the boys take objectio to this.' Until I started writing, I'd actually thought I was going to send Cloud out to deal with it so he could meet up with Avalanche and do the Start of a Beautiful Friendship thing. But the monster did its thing and Seph cleared his throat and eyeballed me and said I don't THINK so. And I remembered how pushy he was about anything to do with Hojo and I gave him the reins and... yeah.

Part 1 of what's looking like it might be 3 posts... )
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FFVII AUs - fan-fanfics for Ciceqi, pts 3-4 (set in Tentacleverse, Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris) [07 Jan 2008|11:30pm]
Continued from the first post )
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FFVII AUs - fan-fanfics for Ciceqi, pts 5-7 (set in Tentacleverse, Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris) [07 Jan 2008|11:00pm]
Continued )
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FFVII AUs - fan-fanfics for Ciceqi, #1 of 3 (set in Anthroverse) [06 Jan 2008|10:50am]

Title: Body Language (presentfic #1 of 3)
Fandom: FFVII
Author: [info]chibirisuchan based on [info]ciceqi's Anthroverse AU (LJ archive / IJ archive)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: totally not mine; the game is Square's and the AU is Coyo's!

There's three of these for [info]ciceqi's birthday and Christmas fics... from 2006. *facepalm* 2007 has SO sucked. Author's ramblings )

Body Language: Anthroverse fan-fanfic )

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(waves hi) [05 Jan 2008|04:08pm]
So, uh, yeah -- finally got a biiig block of time for copying my journal over here! Unfortunately in the process it seems to have eaten both the tags and the formatting on most of my fics.

I'm going to try to get the FF7 stuff reformatted and retagged, buuuuuut I really couldn't care less about the Naruto stuff. =_=

AND and and I have impending ficstuff coming! I've been working on these three fics since 2006, if that gives you an idea how much 2007 sucked for free time and brain space. ^^;;; Two of them have been done since then, but the third one just kept SPAWNING at me. (It involves tentacles. I suppose the spawning thing shouldn't come as that much of a surprise in hindsight...)

Anyhow, ficstuff on the way soon, honest! Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow...
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FF7:AC: Detour. Kadaj/Loz, Yazoo, R for brainbreaking. [13 Oct 2007|05:06pm]
One of these days I WILL get my IJ and my LJ all in sync and link-updated and cross-linked and tagged and properly filtered and it is not yet that day. It is probably not even that year, given how insane the damn class and housework and workwork have been. @_@ In the meantime, have fic. Have been hanging onto it since September in the hopes of getting everything in sync. Didn't happen yet, deadline Monday, gave up for the moment... @_@

Title: Detour
Theme: #7
Author: [info]chibirisuchan
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Pairing/Character: Kadaj and Loz
Rating: R
Warnings: Not worksafe, and not brainsafe either. I can't get more specific without giving it away. But if you squick easily, you might want to pass this one over?

Disclaimer: I'm really serious about that not-brainsafe part, people. Watch out for that other shoe when it drops. ^_____^;;

Previous sections (for this chapter in particular, it's important to have read the previous ones in order):

Part 1 - Paved
Part 2 - Yield
Part 3 - Right of Way
Part 4 - One Way

(Table of contents in general )

Fic here )

Author's notes )

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I have a new role model... [28 Aug 2007|01:41pm]
Cheng I Sao was awesome. I want to be her when I grow up.

Hey Laylah, I bet she'd have a ball visiting the Bijou... ^_~
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so uh yeah... [17 Aug 2007|10:28pm]
placeholder post... this is ChibiRisu-chan from LJ slowly getting stuff sorted over here. (Sloooooowly. ^^;;)

I don't know who all has IJs (and dang it'd be awesome if there was a way to try to just auto-port your friends list the way you can apparently auto-port your posts) but if you've changed names in the move please let me know who I know you as, so to speak? ^^;;;

I'm probably too tired to be doing this at the moment, buuut here I am... tempted by the lure of Ciceqi-fic. XDDD
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One Way (FF7:AC, Kadaj/Loz, streetsigns theme #18) [05 Aug 2007|05:18pm]

...yeah. Still alive. Most of the people who have gotten hospitalized have come back also alive. Some haven't. This has been one hell of a year. I think I need to make myself an 'I Survived 2007' shirt on like Jan. 3 2008 or something.

Have also made an IJ in case of further epic lose on the part of LJ. Haven't populated it yet. Haven't got the brainpower to go around tracking everyone down twice. Don't want fandom to scatter to eight dozen different sites and never find each other again. Would massively suck. @_@

ANYHOW. In hopefully less depressing news: Fic madness ahoy. Hope to have more soon. (hope springs eternal... gotta learn to brace for them surprise attacks?)

Title: One Way
Theme: #18
Author: [info]chibirisuchan
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Pairing/Character: Kadaj and Loz
Rating: PG-13 to R?
Table of contents of the 25 streetsigns fics
Warnings: None beyond Kadaj-style psychosis just yet. (Neeeext time, though... ^_~)

Disclaimer: Totally not mine. Not even the core concept for this arc; it was based on a fic that I shan't identify just yet, because I want to hear the screams when the shoe drops.

Random author's notes: At some point I want to go back and write the triplets-devastate-the-Gold-Saucer part (and maybe call it 'Caution: Children Playing'), but this has been a horrible summer, and writing that kind of enthusiastic mayhem takes creative energy I just haven't got at the moment. I'm writing this this weekend so that I can keep the claim alive. I really hope this doesn't suck? If it does, I'm sorry... maybe I'll have some kind of higher-energy brain juice back before the next deadline? I really REALLY want the next one to work in particular... anyhow.

Fic here )

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so, uh, happy birthday to me? [12 Jul 2007|08:34am]
so it's my birthday today?

Only my enormous project at work has turned into a giant crazy snarl of doom, and my dad's been in the hospital for the past two weeks with complications after heart surgery, and they've just shipped him off to another state, and I'm so stressed out and exhausted I'm having vertigo even sitting down.

What I really want for my birthday is a day off to sleep, except I've got too much I have to take care of.

So, uh, please distract me? ^^;;;;

Fic recs? music recs? recipes? silly cat pictures? I'm open...

may not get a chance to respond for a while - the hospital wireless network thinks LJ is unacceptable browsing material and I don't know when I'm heading back that way or for how long - but distractions would be MUCH appreciated...
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Well, I guess I've arrived? Musings on the sources of fanon / how weird it is to realize you are one [10 Jun 2007|12:03pm]
I just read a story that had a piece of FF7:AC fanon being used as though it were canon.

What was really funny, though, was that it was a piece of fanon I'd made up. For a series that's only got three posts in it so far. I'm half flattered (people think it's plausible enough to take!) and half embarrassed (it's fanon that's GOT actual canon in its place that I just didn't use, which is a bit more awkward to try to explain than fanon that's making up for a gap in canon).

It's happened to me before -- I made up the 'four days in Wutai' story as part of the explaining-Sephiroth's-uniform fic I wrote for Ciceqi, and someone else took that and made references to it as though it were canon rather than mine.

It's just a little odd to see things that you totally invented because you didn't have background to work with being turned around and relied on as authoritative by other fanfic writers? Especially since they didn't know that what they were picking up wasn't canon.

For the record?

'Four days in Wutai,' the photographer, the PR lady, the raincoat, and everything else in here is fanon I made up. Except the character names, of course.

Likewise, the 'Strength, Wisdom, and Vessel' division is fanon I made up for the 25-streetsigns fics. Their canon divisions are that Kadaj is Sephiroth's cruelty, Loz is his strength (I kept that part because it was just too perfect), and Yazoo is his beauty/his allure. I think that distinction came out of the Ultimania guide.

I've got to admit I made it up because I thought Yazoo needed SOMETHING to make him distinct and to give him a personality, because 'beauty and allure' is pretty much surface and doesn't really give a writer a personality to get hooks into. Which with his, what, two or three lines of dialogue in the whole movie? Yeah, I kinda had to make it up in order to *give* him a headspace to get into... ^^;;;

But I wouldn't want people to go around thinking it was canon, when it's just something I'd structurally needed to make that series work. I feel badly about using something counter-canon and having it get taken for authoritative...

ETA: All smoothed out -- writer & I have chatted this one over! There are a lot of parallels between the motorcycle-ride/comic-blackmailing-Seph/OT4 picnic/Aeris-as-pie-baker sequence in this fic, when I wrote that series of events for Ciceqi in the Terrorist Activities fic she was kind enough to make part of her Mascotverse. But the writer says that it wasn't intentional and will give a reference, so I'm cool with that.

Anyway. Gotta get back to work. Just thought I should mention it, because it's really, really bizarre being taken for canon when you haven't even had the chance to play the game itself...
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Ciceqi has gone and INFECTED MY BRAIN. [03 Jun 2007|07:03pm]
Mental image I am too damn weak to shake that spawned itself out of Ciceqi's latest epic in the making...

Sydney, armed with Twilight Town/Radiant Garden tech... including a laser pointer.

Someone had the bright idea to not chase out the stray kitten that decided to adopt the house full of people who give good ear scritches.

Sydney, being Sydney, decides the proper resolution to the combination of himself, kitten, and laser pointer is to drive the little fuzzball very nearly insane with all the sparkly red dot reflections that he can make splinter and rejoin and reflect with just a couple lazy flicks of the fingers.

Sooner or later, though, the kitten gets its revenge. It figures out where the sparkly bits are coming from and pounces on the back of his knuckles and gnaws like there's no tomorrow. Not, I'm sure, that this does any DAMAGE, what with the whole 'hands made out of metal whut', but it's all about the mental images...

So while Sydney is stuck trying to figure out how to remove the cat from the back of his hand without actually skewering it with the other hand and while everybody else is trying not to point and laugh too loudly at the avatar of Darkness that comes with that much built-in weaponry, Sydney learns the other hazard of wearing out kittens. Namely, that they fall asleep mid-gnaw with little to no advance warning.

End result: Sydney drumming his fingers verrry pointedly on a surface that's getting more and more splinters peeled up, while the kitten snores away...

infected, I tells ya. Have no idea how I could turn that into something resembling giftfic rather than just sequence of mental images, though. Wiiiiish I could draw...
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FF7:AC: Right of Way. Kadaj/Loz, Yazoo, R for violence. [30 May 2007|11:10pm]

Title: Right of Way

Theme: #26 (shhh!)

Author: [info]chibirisuchan

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Pairing/Character: Kadaj and Loz

Rating: R for violence

Table of contents of the 25 streetsigns fics

Warnings: Yazoo's headspace is a really, really weird place to be. Still part of the ongoing arc. (Things go boom next time, though the fallout happens in the one after that.)

Disclaimer: Totally not mine. Not even the core concept for this arc; it was based on a fic that I shan't identify just yet, because I want to hear the screams when the shoe drops. (Also, the community mod was kind enough to let me add an extra sign to make my plot arc work...)

Fic here )

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Public service announcement - Fandom Counts [30 May 2007|09:04pm]
Thanks to Gigabomb for the heads up on these guys.

Please join this fan-counting community with all your RP/fandom journals, so that LJ/Six Apart will understand how important RP and fandom journals are to their numbers and their continued existence.

Their description:

Livejournal has over 13 million journals created.

How many of those journals belong to members of fandom?

Let's find out.

There is no posting access in this community; this is only a body count. All you have to do is join, and you will be counted. other news, I'm trying like BURNING to finish both work-work and a fic before the 31st extension-deadline for 25_streetsigns and with any luck I'll have it up tonight...
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Okay NOW I'm cheesed off. (minions? I have minions?) [28 Apr 2007|10:11am]
Capsule summary:

A person has been producing illegal posters and trying to sell them all over dozens of communities. He's been threatened with banning from several communities and had his posts taken down in many of them but persists in trying to sell them on communities that don't have active mods or have mods without public contact methods. AND he persists in taking down my and other users' warnings about the illegality of what he's doing.

I was doing OK with outrage management when I thought I was keeping up with him last week, but now he insists that Japan has no copyright law, to boot. This is patently not true.

I've been going around trying to track him down and warn his potential victims on all the boards I can find, but I'm so horribly swamped at the moment that I can't keep up with his rate of warning-removals and lures of other users.

So... FF7 fans out there, please help?

I'm NOT looking for a flame war; I'm looking for posts that explain basically this:

What this person's doing is illegal under Japanese and international copyright law. He's reproducing artwork that isn't his own and reselling it without a license from the original licenseholder, which is illegal on both sides of the ocean.

Don't buy anything from this person. It can get you in trouble, it can get him in trouble, and it can get his communities in trouble.

If you want to copy and paste that in reply to a thread that he takes my warnings off of, or if you want to reply to people who post with "let me buy one" in reply to his posts, please help?

Here's a list of the original journals and communities he's spammed, and there may be more I didn't find. Some of the particular posts have been removed but not all of them. (Sorry, I don't have time to check them individually right now...)


and personal journals:

...back to work. (jeez, I could've gotten a minific written with the number of hours I've spent tracking down the warnings he's removed and the lures he's cast over the past 2-3 days... @___@)

ETA: And NOW he's both removed my warnings and banned me from commenting in his journal. Along with insisting that now Square Enix releases everything under copyrightless non-licenses. @_____@

It's his right to ban me from commenting, but it's my right to keep warning his victims. But again, I don't have the time to track them all down in their personal journals and post warnings there... anyone want to help patrol? Please? Because this is JUST NOT RIGHT. x_X
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ficbit! (the peanut gallery yells: finally!) [10 Apr 2007|11:38pm]
DOOOOOMfic. But fic. Had an hour, FFEX had moogles in need of fic... didn't mean for it to turn out doomed, but... stuff happens on this little sleep. (sweatdrop!)

(going thud now)
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The woes of a cat that owns a costuming-type person [25 Mar 2007|04:40pm]
contemplations )

I'm so sorry, but it's likely to be May or June before I get any ficwriting time back. The great evil for which I am costuming is going to take every free moment between now and May 10, and I'm just praying we can get it all done in time for ACen's anniversary. Oh yeah and work's decided to give me three projects at once, too -- one of them delayed since last summer but suddenly now urgent. Wheeee...

(Ciceqi, I feel horrible about it, but I suspect I may be giving you your Christmas and birthday fics as more like half-birthday fics six months off from the real deal... @___@)

ETA: You know that thing about how owners and pets start to resemble each other? I can't look much like my cat, given that I don't have any intentions of dyeing my red hair black or getting glowing yellow contacts or anything like that -- but I think my cat and I may have the same allergies. He got out the back door when I was taking out the trash, and ran snuffling around for a bit, and by the time I caught him to bring him back inside, he was sneezing. (And still is.) And the grass growing season has just kicked into high gear in this part of the country... poor kitty.
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faster than a ...badly sharpened pencil? [09 Mar 2007|08:11pm]
AKA "When Marketing Goes Bad..."

Point 1 in making this post is going "I aten't dead" (just having one of them brainchewing springs -- I seriously seriously wanted my next post to be fic, but er, the next time I'm likely to get an actual weekend FREE is likely to be mid-May... by which point I'm going to need to factor yardwork and house maintenance into the schedule again. @_@ WHY did I think I'd have more free time as a house-owner than as a renter? Even factoring in moving 20 minutes closer to work? sigh...)

Part 2 is boggling over When Marketing Goes Bad.

Saw a truly terrible billboard this evening.

In words: "Faster than a..." In picture: Gray streaky round-tipped blob. My brain came up with "Faster than a ...badly sharpened pencil?"

I was so busy trying to figure out what it was supposed to be that I totally missed whatever it was they were trying to advertise. About half an hour later I realized the gray streaky blunt-tipped thing must have been intended for a bullet, not a badly sharpened pencil, but the art department clearly missed the memo.

There was another chain of Really Bad Billboards going around town a few months ago too. I never did figure out what the point of those was supposed to be. There was a cute fuzzy brown and white animal with Really Really Big Eyes and the caption went "Does your bank make you feel like this?" Only the problem was what the hell was the 'this'?

"Does your bank make you feel ...cute, fuzzy, and upside-down?"

...I don't think that was their intended message, but I never did figure out what it was supposed to have been in that case...
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