Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

FFVII:AC - Kadaj - Paved

Okay, here's the first of the [info]25_streetsigns fics. This time I had a brain and nailed down what order they'd come in and what they'd all contain first!

Title: Paved
Theme: #25
Author: [info]chibirisuchan
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Pairing/Character: Kadaj and Loz
Rating: PG-13
Table of contents of the 25 streetsigns fics
Warnings: Don't let this one lull you into complacence. It's going to get WEIRD. And probably higher-rated, too.
Disclaimer: Totally not mine. Not even the core concept for this arc; it was based on a fic that I shan't identify just yet, because I want to hear the screams when the shoe drops.
Fic here )

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Sunday, September 17th, 2006

FFVII - Beer Run (sequel to the kitty fic, and birthday fic for Nekomaxwell)

So, it turns out Nekomaxwell, Julius Caesar, and I share a birthday. ^___^ The previous kitty fic was kind of the memorial for the cat I almost could have had; this one's about what happens during the time when Zack's asleep and Cloud and Sephiroth have to survive without him as a buffer zone. But it also involves playing with cat toys and a bitty kitten, so I thought it'd be a good birthday fic for someone whose nickname is, after all, Nekomaxwell... ^__^

Title: Beer Run

Theme: None exactly - sequel to Thirty for Three #21- Naptime, and birthdayfic for Nekomaxwell!

Fandom / pairing: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth

Author: ChibiRisu-chan

Rating: PG-15 or so for Cloud's overactive imagination

Disclaimer: sooo not mine - never even played the game in fact...

Table of contents of all 30 fics

Fic here )
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Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Birthday fic for Laylah - beware of kittens!

So, this is like a month late -- I'm sorry! ^^;; But hopefully it's cute enough to make up for it?

Set in [info]laylah's [info]precious_stones Bijou-verse:

Special Delivery
PG at most. Warnings for possibly excessive doses of fluff.
Topaz is given a box of kittens, and mayhem ensues. With special guest appearances by, well, very nearly everybody.

Beware the fluff! )

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Monday, March 27th, 2006

psst -- want a ficlet?

I am DETERMINED to learn to write SHORT, so I'm jumping on the meme bandwagon briefly. (sweatdrop) no guarantees on how quickly I'll write any of these, and what you get may be chibivision or other massively cracked out insanity, but...

The original rules - no more please, I've got 25 plus some by now! )

The first 21 )

The last 4 )

And the fic thread is breeding baby fics! )

And artstuff! )

I'm going to try hard to answer comments after I get all 25 of them written -- I've never had this many comments on a thread before and I keep looking at it and going EEEEEP OMG FLAILPANIC. I loooooove comments but I feel obsessively compelled to answer each and every last one at least once and that would turn this into like a 300 comment thread and OMG FLAILPANIC. Er. Must class prep. More fic soon, comments after, honest injun! (dash!) Almost almost done! Going to do the flying try-to-answer-stuff once I get these guys posted and linked and stuff...

ETA jr: auuuugh treading water, am going to try to get something replied at least to the requesters' comments and then go get foooooooooood...
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Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Never say never... (A Shoggoth on the Chimney pt. 1)



Totally Ciceqi and Dogmatix's fault. I disavow as much responsibility as I can manage while staring in horror at my fingertips and wondering where all that came from.

Shamelessly warping the title from the Cthulhu musical:

Title: A Shoggoth on the Chimney
Author: Oh my God I have to admit to this don't I...
Series: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, AND Aeris, because hey, when you're being over the top, let's really go for it...
Warnings: R-rated. Tentacles. Sephiroth failing to be as melodramatic as he desperately wanted to be. Tentacles. Aeris in an I-just-cleaned-that-you-slime-freak rage. Did I mention tentacles? Fluff. With tentacles. Yes, there are fluffy tentacles. Also, Cloud and his wheelbarrow. And some more tentacles.

Part one of the Creeping Horror that Ate My Brain. Finally occurred to me to post the second half first so things'll show up in the right order on the page, too... )

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A Shoggoth on the Chimney, part 2

Continued from over here... And there's more )
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Sunday, February 19th, 2006

macroficlet for Icedark_elf: Calling

This was supposed to be Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud and hurt/comfort, only I'm kind of h/c-impaired like I'm lemon-impaired, though not quite as badly. Except that I'm already going to write the Mako-messed-up stuff for the Fever prompt for thirtyforthree, and aside from Mako-messed-up-ness, there's really not a heck of a lot else that can go wrong with these guys.

I mean, here, look at what happened in my head when I tried it: Chibivision Strikes Again! )

er, yeah. So this is what I came up with instead of your standard h/c scenario, because the inside of Cloud's head ought to count as the h part of just about any h/c equation, particularly after Zack's died and he's had to kill Sephiroth a couple times, in my book... I planted this after Advent Children just because I could.

For Icedark_elf's challenge #21 of the 25 drabblets
yes I know it was supposed to be comment-length and turned out ten pages. At least it wasn't 24 this time?
fic here )

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006

FFVII: Against Regulations (the Uniforms macroficlet)

Y'know, sometimes you eat the bunny and sometimes the bunny eats you. TWENTY-FOUR PAGES LATER. AND too long for a regular post, let alone a comment. Figures.

(sweatdrop) I was a costume design double major in college (along with English). So when Coyo planted this bunny in my head, it totally ate my brain: what the hell WERE they smoking when the Shinra designers came up with THAT for a 'uniform' for their highest ranking officer?

So I had to think of some kind of way to try to make it NOT just game-designer fanservice-crack. That was much, much harder than I'd anticipated.

And then I just had to go and also try to work in the getting-people-out-of-uniforms bunny plus a mental challenge to myself to see if I could do pure or almost-pure exposition rather than so much back-and-forth dialogue, because Coyo rocks at exposition in all sorts of modes and I know I lean way too much on dialogue and humor and it still got away from me in the last few pages, but I made it most of the way through and I'm really trying to study at her feet... er, paws... er... yeah...

Against Regulations

Rated R for just about everything

this was supposed to be COMMENT LENGTH, how did I end up with 24 frickin' pages... oh well...

ETA: Apparently I messed up on the ages math somewhere. Hadn't known Last Order had established an actual age for Zack; everything I'd seen online just gave his age as either "??" or "dead" and I just took a stab. Sorry about that! Let's play 'let's pretend' 'cause there's no way I can pull that out of it, it's too fundamental to the story...

LOTS of fic here )
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Mascot-bribefic for Ciceqi: Terrorist Activities

So this would be where I've been all day today... ^__^;; Standard fan-fanfic disclaimer: I have no idea whether Ciceqi wants any of this to be canon or not, just tossing it out there for bribing purposes. Here's hoping you like it! And that it might beget some more bunnies in your head, too.

...okay, I have to admit I am also just too weak to turn down the mental image of Reno armed with a super-soaker full of cherry pie filling, or Sephiroth faced with photographs of drunk plushies in compromising positions. Because I am evil that way. Anyhow...

Terrorist Activities

for [info]ciceqi

Fic here )

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