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icon meme! [20 Apr 2009|09:11pm]
From [info]white_aster!

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

icon rambleage here )
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Guessing game [14 Apr 2009|06:50pm]
I've got next to no wireless signal, so we'll see whether I can actually get this posted (and crossposted) or not... XD

I've wondered whether my writing has got as many identifiers as I guiltily suspect it does -- stuff that means you can take one (okay, maybe two) looks and go 'yep, that's [info]chibirisuchan.' So here's a bit of a challenge.

I wrote one of the FF7 Anonymous Kink Meme fics. (The FF7 kink indexer has helpfully compiled a list of links that go directly to the stories.)

Anyone want to guess which one is mine? (And/or contribute more fics or requests to it while you're there? ^_~)

I'm screening comments so that folks can't see what else has been guessed already. XD
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braggin' rights pt 2: Sackiroth! :3 [04 Apr 2009|01:05pm]
So, two days ago I didn't remember how to do a single crochet stitch.

By last night, here's what I'd gotten done:

Fear Teh Cuuuuute! )
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braggin' rights [02 Apr 2009|10:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

A little while ago, one of the LJ FF7 communities had a link to this adorable little sackboy!Reno amigurumi.


Only problem? It had been about a quarter of a century since I'd touched a crochet hook.

At 7 p.m. tonight I didn't even know how to do a standard single crochet correctly.

At 10:45 p.m. tonight I have my first smiley sackboy head more than halfway done. :3

And it would have been faster if I hadn't forgotten a significant factor in my calculations: The last time I did any kind of industrial-strength yarnfidgeting, I did not own a cat.

Starting at approx. 7:05:
Cat: (yawn) (stretch) (spots the shiny crochet hook) ...whatchadoin?
Me: ...
Me: ...
Cat: YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRNNNNNN~~~~!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
(insert bloodshed, mayhem, and much yowling from both parties involved)
Me: ...and STAY OUT!
Cat: No faaaaaair! You cheat, you lying cheating thumbiferous thing with thumbs that invented evil evil EVIL doors and it's not faaaaaaaaaaair -- didja hear me yet? Didja?
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ...I think I could get to hate my life.

I finally gave up the notion of getting the whole head done when I stopped to look at the chart, moved my hand, made a really embarrassing noise, and realized that my entire hand had turned into a cramped-up painball and I wasn't entirely sure I could still feel my thumb. Note for next time: distribute the crafting over several days, not one soooooolid crochet session...

Still. Not bad for the first time I've touched a crochet hook in a quarter century. :3

ETA: Now with pictures!

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I has a shiiiiny [10 Mar 2009|10:11pm]
Paid off the last of the flood-related credit card bills with income tax return (woooot!) THEN I got $400 the state has owed me for 6 months that I thought I'd never see because of the budget crisis but hey mailbox surprise of the good kind! :3

And the last time I bought a new laptop? 1993. (I bought a thoroughly used one in 2001, but even at the time it was too unpatchable to network, and it's older than the invention of USB ports so if it doesn't fit on a floppy I'm doomed. So yeah. Kinda time for a new laptop. I've been doing just fine for years on work laptops, but it'd be nice to have one that was honest-to-goodness *mine,* y'know? Plus the hilarious part is I'll probably use it more at work than my work laptop, on account of how I most often use a laptop at work when in meetings or training sessions that last several hours and don't always have power handy. The official work laptop gets about 2 hours on a charge. This one? 9 1/2 according to specs, which I figure is probably 6 real-life. Still. Battery power goooood!) Shiiiiiny. :3 Should be here some time next week.

o-omg I really REALLY hope the self-indulgence is not an indicator that it's time for my basement to flood again...
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Oh, Japan... ^__^ [17 Feb 2009|03:50pm]
Was in Chicago this weekend for May convention planning. To me, this meant a rare opportunity to shop in the refrigerated section of the Japanese grocery store -- it's not all that often when the outside temperature is above freezing so as not to damage things like fresh shiso leaves, but also cool enough that things can survive the 5 hour round trip without going bad! So I stocked up. :3

For the uninitiated, let me introduce you to some Japanese food staples. (The common themes will become readily apparent, I suspect...)

Tatsukuri: Take small dried fish (large enough that you can still see the eyes looking at you). Make them into peanut brittle, only without the peanuts and with extra bonus soy sauce and anchovies.

Chirimen-jako: Take even smaller dried fish (generally too small to notice the eyes). Make them into sticky caramel sauce with fish wriggles in, with extra bonus soy sauce.

Sakura-denbu: Take dried fish of some sort that will end up essentially unrecognizable (no eyes this time!) Make them into cotton candy.

Kamaboko, narutomaki, and others: Take fish. Puree and cook it into something the approximate texture of a dried-out glue stick. Decorate it with festive pink and white stripes just for extra wtfery.

Tsukudani: Take something (it really doesn't matter what it used to be, because you won't be able to tell by the time it's done). Boil it into jelly with the assistance of a gallon of soy sauce.

Shibazuke: Take an eggplant and maybe some cucumber and shiso too. Pickle it and add blazing magenta food coloring.

Jyuuzen-nasu: Take an eggplant. Pickle it and add daaark navy blue food coloring.

Aojiso: Take some cucumber and some shiso (perilla) leaves - the green kind, not the red kind. Pickle them and add some really freaky dark-blue-green dye just to make totally sure nobody mistakes this for the blazing magenta version.

:3 Yeah this is pretty tongue in cheek, but the creepy part is I am not actually kidding with any of these. You can occasionally find Japanese pickles without buckets of food dyes added, but they're pretty rare, and I tend to pounce on anything that's been dyed with red cabbage juice just because it hasn't been dyed with stuff that starts with chemical identification numbers. XD I was bummed to discover they didn't have any shoyu-goma in stock (soy-sauce-roasted sesame seeds - think dry roasted peanuts only out of sesame). Maybe they needed more space for psychedelic colored pickles...
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FF7 AU - The Dragon of Nibelheim, part 2 of 3 [20 Jan 2009|11:25pm]
Over here, too tired to mess with fancy fake cut coding... ^^;;;
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Fic pieces, more tomorrow I hope [19 Jan 2009|11:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I don't think I ever linked this one in...

Title: Riding to the Princes' Rescue
Fandom: FF7 and Fruits Basket via Kingdom Hearts
Pairing/characters: Cloud and Tohru
Rating: PG 13
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Tohru rescues Cloud from some kind of trouble
Warnings: More Princess-of-Heart Tohru Madness! Not drinksafe.

...and here's tonight's entry (don't kill me too much, I'm planning to get part 2 up tomorrow):

Title: The Dragon of Nibelheim, pt. 1
Fandom: FF7 (AU)
Pairing/characters: Cloud and Sephiroth
Rating: R for being pretty disturbing
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cloud and Sephiroth, transformation of some kind
Warnings: This one is NOT the fluffy Tohru fairytale world. ^^;; Watch out for the whiplash...

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FF7 Vocal Album...ish [17 Jan 2009|09:18pm]
So yeah, I've been a seiyuu music nut for (counts) ...just over a decade now. I have a couple hundred Japanese CDs I've collected in that time (largely when I was in Osaka and could raid the hundred-yen (i.e. about $1) used-CD stores like a crazed hyena).

I uploaded some sample songs by several of the FF7 seiyuu for Joudama. Some of them I picked because they were very in character, and some of them I picked because they were very, er, not what you'd expect. :3

Here's my general description of what's there:

* Aeris sings THE FREAKIEST SONG EVER. Listen to the tune while you're reading the lyrics, and then think about her relationship with Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth a little. Then go OH MY GOD a lot.

* Cloud and Zack singing several duets

* Cloud gets trashed and sings karaoke at Seventh Heaven with Rude on sax

* There's a perky bouncy happy-Zack song, and there's a heartwrenching Zack song that may make more ouch if you know that Zack is also Kamui. The lyrics particularly rip you to bits if you speak Japanese. I should translate it some time, because it looks like animelyrics doesn't have it... anyhow.

* Sephiroth sings too. (The one I picked is all about eternity and obsession and a never-ending circle. Heh heh.)

* So does Kadaj. The song I picked for him is called "Unfair." (Of course it is...)

* Angeal gets COMPLETELY TRASHED and sings about his bitchy relationship with Genesis' literary pretentions. I translated the lyrics over here.

* Someone also gets him stoned out of his gourd and sets him loose with a ukulele. (This one is even funnier if you think about some of Genesis' jealousy issues. I translated the lyrics here.)

* Of course, I also put a couple serious Angeal songs up there because Inoue Kazuhiko was my first seiyuu addiction and it's my upload folder. Lyrics to one, I never got around to translating the other.

* Rufus is terribly good at oozing. Someone translated it here, please pardon their Engrish a bit.

* All the Turks have solos (except Rude). Some of the highlights include Tseng's incredibly bitter Wutai rap, Elena swinging like nobody's business, and Reno being completely devil-may-care ("even now the world keeps on going round and round, unstoppably..." I should translate this sometime too, because it looks like nobody at AL has yet.)

* Yuffie. Rumba. 'Nough said. :)

XDDD maybe more later, dunno... have fun listening and breaking your brains!
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Merry Christmas! [24 Dec 2008|05:40pm]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Heartless Kitty Santa Commands You!

(yes it's a bad photoshop hat, but that is a 16 lb cat with allll his claws intact. I wasn't feeling enough like bleeding to try for the real live version. XD)

And Evil Cookie Recipes to go with! )

My power has been flickering due to the ice storms we've had (not aided by the silver maple tree that is sitting on the power line in the back of my house, I'm sure), so I may not be very fast at answering comments and I'm going to be netless for at least 2 days starting tomorrow, but Merry Christmas everyone!
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All I want for Christmas is downtime! [16 Dec 2008|04:25pm]
I now have five different Christmases to go to on five different days and I'm not even dating anybody. @______@

My brother's girlfriend can't get time off around Christmas itself and neither can a friend's husband from Pennsylvania so the current theory is apparently running "houseguests with toddler possibly staying with me for an unidentified amount of time this week, some time this week there's a Christmas party I have to cook for, decorate for, and bring gifts for due to being on the organizing committee, Friday night after work I have to drive to another town for dinner and then drive back because I can't get net access on my laptop from my parents' house and I'm watching the contact mail aliases over the weekend. During said weekend there's a second party in town for the rest of the town friends who don't know the houseguests with toddler but still want to have Christmas, and then my parents want me to come BACK to town to have a SECOND Christmas "because the other Christmas wasn't on the day of" and at some point in here my brain is going to snap and I'm going to be found in a corner cackling madly.

All I can say is some times I thank God I'm single, because (just for example) if I was dating somebody who had the statistically over 50% probability of divorced parents that would turn it into seven different events to get to and come up with gifts for (and again I'm cheating, I wrote a cookbook to give to people because I didn't have time to plan all the different gifts and it was stressful enough getting the cookbook produced and assembled without spending the $360 Kinko's would have wanted to do the printing) and AAAUGH.

/back to my regularly scheduled panicstressflail mode ^^;;;;;
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Cats... [24 Nov 2008|08:49pm]
So I get home from work, dinner/housework/weights/blah blah blah, put on the kettle, brew a pot of good black tea, pour a little bit of milk into a creamer jug, and set up to keep working on the laptop. Fine, dandy, cat curled up on other end of sofa, life is good.

Sip at the tea, add some more milk, stir stir, sip, type type type, sip, cat still curled up on other end of sofa, completely disinterested in everything.

Finish the tea 20 minutes or so later with no sign the cat has any interest in what's going on.

Get up and go to the kitchen to refill my tea mug with hot tea. This takes about 30 seconds.

Before I even make it back out of the kitchen I hear licklicklicklicklick.

I come around the corner to find the cat with his nose completely buried in the milk.

He looks up at my incoherent spluttering and gaping, blinks a little, licks his nose, and goes right back to drinking out of my creamer jug right in front of me.

Now, clearly the little brat knew it was against the rules on account of how studiously he avoided even twitching in that direction while I was sitting there supervising it, but he did a pretty damn impressive job of trying the complete-nonchalance-might-buy-you-anything 'nothing to see here, move right along' Jedi mind trick on me anyway.

Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard to scold him properly enough to actually discourage him...
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Yay for Mobile PortaMiniCon Inna Car! [23 Nov 2008|05:40pm]
*sends now-long-distance hugs towards [info]icedark_elf, [info]skeren,and Sam and Matt whose journal handles I didn't manage to catch...*

Top 10 Advantages to the Mobile PortaMiniCon Inna Car approach to mini-convention-staging.

1) It goes anywhere you want it to!
2) Only the cool people come!
3) No huge schedule planning!
4) No 8-hour lines for autographs!
5) No admission fees!
6) Con/staff suite = "actual nearby restaurant," not "neverending pan of soggy eggs swimming in water four hours past their prime". (ACen, speaking as an attendee since day 1, I love you but you have really got to lay off the 'eggs a la swimming pool' approach to feeding staff. No really. If I never see an ACen egg swimming pool again in my life, it will be too soon. Anyhow.)
7) Dealers room = handy nearby bookstore, no overcrowding involved.
8) Panel programming = hotel room with wireless + enthused fangirls.
9) Video programming = anything you stashed in your computer (see also hotel room + wireless -> YouTube).
10) Mobile PortaMiniCon Inna Car can hit several cities in the space of one weekend!

You guys are totally awesome and I really wish I'd been awake longer, but the full day of box lugging had just about wiped me out. (Today's day of box lugging likewise.) But thank you for taking the 2008 Mobile Con Tour all the way out into the middle of nowhere so I could meet y'all! :)

*goes to take more naproxen and fall over* my friend who's moving is a very nice guy, but damn he's got too much stuff...
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Top 10 reasons my cat hates the Food Network [13 Oct 2008|06:36pm]
because I can't watch CNN Politics every minute until the election or I'll go further off the deep end

#1: Food processors (aka "the evil cat-eating vacuum is HERE! I know it's here somewhere! I hear it! You can't lie to me! And I can't see where it's coming from!)

#2-5: Blenders, beaters, mixers, ice cream makers (see also #1)

#6: Graters and microplanes (aka "there's a mouse, I can hear it scratching, I can hear where it's scratching FROM, but there's nothing on the back of the big black box!")

#7: Teakettles (aka "I don't know what the hell that is, but it is JUST NOT RIGHT")

#8: Emeril (aka "there's a live studio audience cackling howling riotous swarm of mad humans somewhere and I can't get far enough away" ...actually I really see where he's coming from on this one)

#9: Whisks in metal bowls (aka "there's a mouse that's actually been precaught for me rattling around in something and I can't find where my present is!")

#10: Alton Brown (aka "where the hell was that power drill huge pissed-off rattlesnake noise coming from so I can NOT be there?"
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Not dead, but angry... I want my country back [05 Oct 2008|06:25pm]
I thought I couldn't get any more pissed off about the presidential election.

Turns out I was wrong.

When Palin trotted out the "terrorist" card because Obama happens to live in the same Chicago neighborhood as Dr. Ayers and volunteered for some of the same district educational groups that Ayers also volunteered for ten years ago? Despite the fact that when Dr. Ayers was part of the Watchmen, Obama was EIGHT, and since then Dr. Ayers has gotten a law degree and decided to work inside the system instead of around it?

I'm literally sick, and I'm not putting up with it anymore.

This is the first election where I've felt like individuals might just actually be able to make a difference.

I'm not a Democrat. I'm a registered independent who can't stand my state's current Democratic governor and voted for the Republican running against him every time the election came up.

But I'm disgusted by the cynicism and the manipulation and the calculation the McCain campaign has shown, and I'm angry that I ever supported him in 2000 and 2004.

I want my country back.

I don't want a brittle, short-tempered man who jokes about bombing Iran and whose first reaction to any international incident is belligerence and military force rather than diplomacy left in charge of the armed forces.

I don't want my health insurance taken away and $2500 being expected to magically cover the $10,400 a year it would cost me to buy independent health insurance at today's rates -- which are lower than they would be if the insurance companies knew they had free reign to bill individual users at will because nobody would stop them.

I don't want a team who thinks that women should be turned into voiceless breeding tanks for any rapist to come down the line given control of the next several Supreme Court justices (fact: Palin opposes ALL abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest.)

I don't want the birth control pills that keep me -- a 35-year-old virgin who's got no chance of producing a child -- functioning rather than crippled in pain for a third of my life to be outlawed because they interfere with conception (fact: the Bush White House is trying to put a ruling out there without going through Congress to have funding for birth control pills handled in the same category as funding for abortion when it comes to government support of community clinics).

I don't want a team who collectively graduated at the bottom of their class and had to go to 5 different community colleges to come out with a degree that leaves one of them only able to identify a single Supreme Court case in charge of this nation.

I want my country back.

Obviously, I'm having a hard time writing fics when I'm too angry and scared to sleep most nights. ^^;;; So I suspect Thanskgiving might be the next time you get fic out of me. In the meantime? I'm volunteering for the Obama campaign, because for the first time in my adult life I believe individuals really can make a difference in this election.

I've never volunteered for any political organization before. I want a third party system. I voted for Perot and Nader. I swear I'm not a Democratic shill.

But if you think any of this is important, please, sign up and help make calls. It's not hard. They give you a list and a general survey to ask people about. It takes a minute to sign up and an hour to make a set of calls. That's all. And I hate telephones. I hate telephones passionately. My friends will tell you how hard it is to get me to say more than 4 words on a phone. This is more important than my phobia. This is our entire country's future. to make more calls, because I'm too sick to eat dinner. ^^;;
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meme from Asuka [28 Jul 2008|05:13pm]
writing meme )
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Ficdump! [06 Jul 2008|09:59pm]
Amazing what you can accomplish when you've got an out of town wedding to attend and a little old Jornada that you can touch-type on underneath the table skirt... of course, the typos were pretty heinous, but that's what the drive back was for...

  • FF7/Fruits Basket crossovers:
    • Pt. 1 (already posted), Sephiroth and Tohru: The Edge of the Map
    • Pt. 2 (new this weekend), Zack and Tohru: Cruel and Unusual
    • (hopefully coming soon:) Pt. 3, Aeris and Tohru: Fairytale Endings

  • FF7/VS, Zack and Sydney, Rules of the Game

  • FF7/Bleach, Yoruichi and Zack, Tug of War

  • Discworld/VS, Granny Weatherwax and Sydney, Tournament of Lies

  • FF12/Bleach, Balthier and Yoruichi, Basic Instinct

  • Discworld/Bleach, Granny Weatherwax and Yoruichi, First Prize at the Witching Bee

    6 fics in a couple days? go me! okay yeah they're mostly really short, but it's still kinda a speed record for me. XDD Now if only the Jornada had wireless...
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    Crossover fic madness! (also known as why I love No True Pair) [22 Jun 2008|12:15am]
    If you haven't seen No True Pair yet, go check it out. It is full of awesome shiny things. ♥ There's allllll kinds of fun going on by all kinds of crazy talented people. If you're a fan of Aster or Coyo or Laylah, the tag links are awesomely handy that way!

    Here's a by-fandom link list to the ones I've finished so far (nearly all of which I wrote in the car during May road trips through the 'if something can go wrong it will' paranoia theory, though I admit I wasn't expecting 'half-my-house's-living-space-gone' levels of 'going wrong' at the time... I really was hoping to finish more than the minimum 'one a week,' but as usual, life has this way of looking at me and going 'heh.')

    Fandom: Bleach and Vagrant Story
    Title: Lost and Found
    Pairing/characters: Yoruichi, Sydney, and, er, someone else
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Yoruichi's attitude toward clothing
    Prompt/challenge you're answering: "Yoruichi and Sydney with the title, 'Lost and Found.'"
    ( Yoruichi and Sydney, Lost and Found )

    Fandom: FF7 and FF12
    Title: Fledgling
    Pairing/characters: Zack and Balthier
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: None really
    Prompt/challenge you're answering: "The beginning of Balthier and Zack's passionate love affair."
    ( Fledgling )

    Fandom: Discworld and FF7:Advent Children
    Title: Prudent
    Pairing/characters: Granny Weatherwax and the Sephlets
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Bad amateur headology
    Prompt/challenge you're answering: Granny Weatherwax and the Advent Children boys, weaponkink

    ( Prudent )

    Fandom: FF7 and Fruits Basket via Kingdom Hearts
    Title: The Edge of the Map
    Pairing/characters: Sephiroth and Tohru
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Dancing mushrooms
    Prompt/challenge you're answering: Tohru and Sephiroth with the title, "The Edge of the Map."

    ( The Edge of the Map )

    ETA, July 3: Now with "Zack and Tohru, captivity scenario"...
    ( Cruel and Unusual )

    Fandom: FF8 and FF12
    Title: How the Story Goes
    Pairing/characters: Balthier and Laguna
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Balthier's got an acid edge to the wit here...
    Prompt/challenge you're answering: Laguna and Balthier: love is blindness / I don't want to see / won't you wrap the night around me

    ( How the Story Goes )

    Fandom: Fruits Basket and Bleach
    Title: That pesky...
    Pairing/characters: Tohru and Yoruichi
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None really Not drinksafe? But that's the standard hazard alert with me, sooo...

    ( That Pesky... )

    now let's see how well I code at midnight-thirty!
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    When it rains... [03 Jun 2008|09:36am] life goes to hell. )
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    FF7:AC: High Water. Kadaj/Loz, Yazoo, R for brainbreaking. [16 Apr 2008|12:31am]

    Drat, it looks like I missed the deadline by about 45 minutes. Sigh... hopefully this is close enough?

    Title: (Hell or) High Water
    Theme: #20
    Author: [info]chibirisuchan
    Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    Pairing/Character: Kadaj and Loz
    Rating: R for brainbreaking

    Table of contents of the 25 streetsigns fics

    Warnings: Clonepreg and brain-warping interrelationships. On the other hand, when it comes to Jenova genes, brain-warping interrelationships are practically mandatory.

    Disclaimer: (hee, I can finally post this up front!) This series is a collection of fan-fanfic of [info]white_aster's cheerfully crackilicious Expectant. I made puppy eyes at her and she said yes, I could write fan-fanfics of it in order to have the excuse to use the phrase "pregnant with his mother" and have it be completely, brain-meltingly accurate. :3

    Read the others (particularly Detour) first, in order to know what's going on and why Yazoo is the one having the panic attack... :)

    Fic here )

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