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Note to self: Don't be a moron [15 Dec 2009|12:10pm]
Wii Fit yoga less than a week after abdominal surgery?


I blame the narcotics.

My brain (clearly still on drugs): But it's yoga! No strength-exercises, no jackknifes, no pushups, no aerobic jumping around, it'll be fine!

Me: Er.

My brain (yep, still on drugs): Besides, you KNOW the thing is going to nag you even more if you go another day without doing anything with it.

Me: ...dammit.

*much fail later*

Learn from my stupidity, young grasshoppers. *hobbling toward the hydrocodone bottle*

must try to catch up with comments later? Crazy week, writing deadline, & two Christmas parties in different cities coming up this weekend, followed by I suspect a loooot of crash and burn sleep...
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