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The Great Squash Dilemma [29 Nov 2009|06:42pm]
So the last time I went home to visit the parents, I came back to town with two squash.

One of these squash was, I kid you not, substantially larger than my fifteen-pound cat. The neighbors and I ate just the neck of the monstersquash in a huuuuuuge vat of soup... leaving over 3/4 of it left for future use. It's now occupying a sizable chunk of my freezer. I haven't even opened the second squash yet.

I went home again for Thanksgiving.

I came home with four more squash (three pumpkins and an acorn).

Now my Christmas prayer goes like this:

"Oh please oh please oh please, let there only be six squash coming back next time. Because I'm clearly caught in either an arithmetic or an exponential progression, and I am just not mentally prepared to deal with sixteen more squash..."

Has anybody got any easy, low-fiddly non-dessert recipes for pumpkins/squash? Between low-carb and low-fat restrictions, pumpkin pies/breads/cakes are kind of out of the question, and I've made a bunch of soup and a bunch of curry and am trying to figure out what else to do that's mass-squash-using (ravioli's way too fiddly to use that much squash with, and my freezer would explode...)
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