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More FF7 sackboys [11 Jul 2009|09:54pm]
(More crocheted madness over at weloveamigurumi -- Sackiroth has comrades now! SackZack, SackCloud, and SackVincent are in action, along with Jenova's yarn-dripping hacked-off crocheted skull. :3

...I wonder what it says about my sanity that I have actually crocheted a hacked-off skull and left the stuffing and yarn dangling as the equivalent of blood and guts.

There'll be more Adventures of Sackiroth posts One Of These Days(TM), because I have literally hundreds of pictures snapped at various cons and plotting out various bits of mischief between the sackboys, but I'm unlikely to have time to code 'em up until the annual "summer work-inundation from hell" period is over. Normally it doesn't hit 'til August; this year it hit in June and hasn't slowed down yet. But one of these days...

By the way - it's my birthday tomorrow. :3 If anyone happened to feel like telling me which of my fics they like best, or quoting a favorite line, or writing a drabble (or a recipe) into a comment, that definitely counts as presents in my worldview... :)

Oh yeah -- one more thing on my wish list?

Would anyone be willing to make a short (20-seconds or less) sound clip of Sephiroth's Advent Children lines about "On your knees; I want to hear you beg forgiveness" or "I've thought of something to give you, Cloud. Shall I give you despair?" ...and then run it through the filter that turns it all chipmunk-pitched?

This is on account of how Sackiroth has a voice chip in him, and I would looooooooove to get that on there. (Particularly in chibivoice.) But I lack the requisite editing skills. :3
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