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I has a shiiiiny [10 Mar 2009|10:11pm]
Paid off the last of the flood-related credit card bills with income tax return (woooot!) THEN I got $400 the state has owed me for 6 months that I thought I'd never see because of the budget crisis but hey mailbox surprise of the good kind! :3

And the last time I bought a new laptop? 1993. (I bought a thoroughly used one in 2001, but even at the time it was too unpatchable to network, and it's older than the invention of USB ports so if it doesn't fit on a floppy I'm doomed. So yeah. Kinda time for a new laptop. I've been doing just fine for years on work laptops, but it'd be nice to have one that was honest-to-goodness *mine,* y'know? Plus the hilarious part is I'll probably use it more at work than my work laptop, on account of how I most often use a laptop at work when in meetings or training sessions that last several hours and don't always have power handy. The official work laptop gets about 2 hours on a charge. This one? 9 1/2 according to specs, which I figure is probably 6 real-life. Still. Battery power goooood!) Shiiiiiny. :3 Should be here some time next week.

o-omg I really REALLY hope the self-indulgence is not an indicator that it's time for my basement to flood again...
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