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FF7 Vocal Album...ish [17 Jan 2009|09:18pm]
So yeah, I've been a seiyuu music nut for (counts) ...just over a decade now. I have a couple hundred Japanese CDs I've collected in that time (largely when I was in Osaka and could raid the hundred-yen (i.e. about $1) used-CD stores like a crazed hyena).

I uploaded some sample songs by several of the FF7 seiyuu for Joudama. Some of them I picked because they were very in character, and some of them I picked because they were very, er, not what you'd expect. :3

Here's my general description of what's there:

* Aeris sings THE FREAKIEST SONG EVER. Listen to the tune while you're reading the lyrics, and then think about her relationship with Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth a little. Then go OH MY GOD a lot.

* Cloud and Zack singing several duets

* Cloud gets trashed and sings karaoke at Seventh Heaven with Rude on sax

* There's a perky bouncy happy-Zack song, and there's a heartwrenching Zack song that may make more ouch if you know that Zack is also Kamui. The lyrics particularly rip you to bits if you speak Japanese. I should translate it some time, because it looks like animelyrics doesn't have it... anyhow.

* Sephiroth sings too. (The one I picked is all about eternity and obsession and a never-ending circle. Heh heh.)

* So does Kadaj. The song I picked for him is called "Unfair." (Of course it is...)

* Angeal gets COMPLETELY TRASHED and sings about his bitchy relationship with Genesis' literary pretentions. I translated the lyrics over here.

* Someone also gets him stoned out of his gourd and sets him loose with a ukulele. (This one is even funnier if you think about some of Genesis' jealousy issues. I translated the lyrics here.)

* Of course, I also put a couple serious Angeal songs up there because Inoue Kazuhiko was my first seiyuu addiction and it's my upload folder. Lyrics to one, I never got around to translating the other.

* Rufus is terribly good at oozing. Someone translated it here, please pardon their Engrish a bit.

* All the Turks have solos (except Rude). Some of the highlights include Tseng's incredibly bitter Wutai rap, Elena swinging like nobody's business, and Reno being completely devil-may-care ("even now the world keeps on going round and round, unstoppably..." I should translate this sometime too, because it looks like nobody at AL has yet.)

* Yuffie. Rumba. 'Nough said. :)

XDDD maybe more later, dunno... have fun listening and breaking your brains!
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