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Ficdump! [06 Jul 2008|09:59pm]
Amazing what you can accomplish when you've got an out of town wedding to attend and a little old Jornada that you can touch-type on underneath the table skirt... of course, the typos were pretty heinous, but that's what the drive back was for...

  • FF7/Fruits Basket crossovers:
    • Pt. 1 (already posted), Sephiroth and Tohru: The Edge of the Map
    • Pt. 2 (new this weekend), Zack and Tohru: Cruel and Unusual
    • (hopefully coming soon:) Pt. 3, Aeris and Tohru: Fairytale Endings

  • FF7/VS, Zack and Sydney, Rules of the Game

  • FF7/Bleach, Yoruichi and Zack, Tug of War

  • Discworld/VS, Granny Weatherwax and Sydney, Tournament of Lies

  • FF12/Bleach, Balthier and Yoruichi, Basic Instinct

  • Discworld/Bleach, Granny Weatherwax and Yoruichi, First Prize at the Witching Bee

    6 fics in a couple days? go me! okay yeah they're mostly really short, but it's still kinda a speed record for me. XDD Now if only the Jornada had wireless...
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