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(waves hi) [05 Jan 2008|04:08pm]
So, uh, yeah -- finally got a biiig block of time for copying my journal over here! Unfortunately in the process it seems to have eaten both the tags and the formatting on most of my fics.

I'm going to try to get the FF7 stuff reformatted and retagged, buuuuuut I really couldn't care less about the Naruto stuff. =_=

AND and and I have impending ficstuff coming! I've been working on these three fics since 2006, if that gives you an idea how much 2007 sucked for free time and brain space. ^^;;; Two of them have been done since then, but the third one just kept SPAWNING at me. (It involves tentacles. I suppose the spawning thing shouldn't come as that much of a surprise in hindsight...)

Anyhow, ficstuff on the way soon, honest! Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow...
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