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The woes of a cat that owns a costuming-type person [25 Mar 2007|04:40pm]
contemplations )

I'm so sorry, but it's likely to be May or June before I get any ficwriting time back. The great evil for which I am costuming is going to take every free moment between now and May 10, and I'm just praying we can get it all done in time for ACen's anniversary. Oh yeah and work's decided to give me three projects at once, too -- one of them delayed since last summer but suddenly now urgent. Wheeee...

(Ciceqi, I feel horrible about it, but I suspect I may be giving you your Christmas and birthday fics as more like half-birthday fics six months off from the real deal... @___@)

ETA: You know that thing about how owners and pets start to resemble each other? I can't look much like my cat, given that I don't have any intentions of dyeing my red hair black or getting glowing yellow contacts or anything like that -- but I think my cat and I may have the same allergies. He got out the back door when I was taking out the trash, and ran snuffling around for a bit, and by the time I caught him to bring him back inside, he was sneezing. (And still is.) And the grass growing season has just kicked into high gear in this part of the country... poor kitty.
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