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faster than a ...badly sharpened pencil? [09 Mar 2007|08:11pm]
AKA "When Marketing Goes Bad..."

Point 1 in making this post is going "I aten't dead" (just having one of them brainchewing springs -- I seriously seriously wanted my next post to be fic, but er, the next time I'm likely to get an actual weekend FREE is likely to be mid-May... by which point I'm going to need to factor yardwork and house maintenance into the schedule again. @_@ WHY did I think I'd have more free time as a house-owner than as a renter? Even factoring in moving 20 minutes closer to work? sigh...)

Part 2 is boggling over When Marketing Goes Bad.

Saw a truly terrible billboard this evening.

In words: "Faster than a..." In picture: Gray streaky round-tipped blob. My brain came up with "Faster than a ...badly sharpened pencil?"

I was so busy trying to figure out what it was supposed to be that I totally missed whatever it was they were trying to advertise. About half an hour later I realized the gray streaky blunt-tipped thing must have been intended for a bullet, not a badly sharpened pencil, but the art department clearly missed the memo.

There was another chain of Really Bad Billboards going around town a few months ago too. I never did figure out what the point of those was supposed to be. There was a cute fuzzy brown and white animal with Really Really Big Eyes and the caption went "Does your bank make you feel like this?" Only the problem was what the hell was the 'this'?

"Does your bank make you feel ...cute, fuzzy, and upside-down?"

...I don't think that was their intended message, but I never did figure out what it was supposed to have been in that case...
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