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opinions? [27 Mar 2006|11:53am]
need to design an image for a staff ID for an upcoming con. Being usual indecisive (and evilcute-maniacal) self. What do y'all think?

options? )

ETA: tried a third )
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psst -- want a ficlet? [27 Mar 2006|04:54pm]
I am DETERMINED to learn to write SHORT, so I'm jumping on the meme bandwagon briefly. (sweatdrop) no guarantees on how quickly I'll write any of these, and what you get may be chibivision or other massively cracked out insanity, but...

The original rules - no more please, I've got 25 plus some by now! )

The first 21 )

The last 4 )

And the fic thread is breeding baby fics! )

And artstuff! )

I'm going to try hard to answer comments after I get all 25 of them written -- I've never had this many comments on a thread before and I keep looking at it and going EEEEEP OMG FLAILPANIC. I loooooove comments but I feel obsessively compelled to answer each and every last one at least once and that would turn this into like a 300 comment thread and OMG FLAILPANIC. Er. Must class prep. More fic soon, comments after, honest injun! (dash!) Almost almost done! Going to do the flying try-to-answer-stuff once I get these guys posted and linked and stuff...

ETA jr: auuuugh treading water, am going to try to get something replied at least to the requesters' comments and then go get foooooooooood...
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3 more of the 25 ficlets [27 Mar 2006|05:52pm]
24 of the 25 of 'em done (the Starlights one is just kicking my tail six ways from Sunday)... here's the last 3:

#23 - for Vaysh - Rufus and Tseng, silver and glass

#24 - for Mako - Kakashi, Iruka, goldfish, and/or age

#25 - for Kitty - Shika/Cho, butterfly molestation

comments over there please; I'm trying to have some chance of keeping threads coherent, though by now it's probably a pretty lost cause...
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