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realizing I'm Rock Lee... [19 Oct 2004|10:59pm]
looking at my exercise journal going "if I post something tonight that means I have to do twice as much exercise tomorrow in order to make it even out, so I ought to post something so that it goes on my calendar so I'm compelled to do twice as much of an exercise routine tomorrow because the rule is half an hour for each day you post"...

...and then I flashed on some of Rock Lee's more insane "if I don't do this I have to do this other thing" bets with himself... and I realized that yes, the reason my life never QUITE goes right is that karmically I am Rock Lee. The genius of hard work. Kind of homely, nobody has ever looked at me with anything resembling romantic interest, scarily obsessive when I've got my teeth into something, twice-as-scarily hard-working, ALWAYS working on something, and I may or may not have been born a genius (IQ tests have ranged from 140ish to 170ish in the past) but dammit I worked my way through the ranks thankyouverymuchNejiyoubastard (scored between 750 and 800 out of 800 possible points on all three sections of the GRE - that's a grad school entrance exam I took my senior year of college -- and I studied my ass off for it. English you can't really study for the GRE, not unless you take a crash course in Latin etymology which luckily I'd done with two years of Latin in high school, but math and logic you can study for, and I sure as heck did...)

So yeah. I always kind of suspected I was supporting cast in the story of someone else's life; I just hadn't figured out whose yet. I wish I was karmically Iruka rather than Rock Lee -- even if he isn't the deadliest kunai in the holster just because he's surrounded by all these born-geniuses with flashy bloodlines and homicidal tendencies, Iruka at least gets respect from people it's hard to get respect from (and I'm nowhere near extroverted or self-confident enough to cross-cast myself as Kakashi in any universe) -- but hey, you take the cards you're dealt...

Also realizing this because my do list for the night read like "head out from work, hit the post office before it closes, hit Wal-Mart and get more supplies, head home and cook dinner and sew more gloves while you're pedaling on the exercise bike, then test out the leather gloves that came, then start packing a box and iron on some spirals and make a scroll and cut some more pattern pieces and then you can sit down with more spiral blanks and sew those while you watch another anime episode or two" and my brain registered that as "ahhh, nice low-stress evening."

Because it DIDN'T involve "must either work mad overtime or make a substantial chunk of an outfit (one that takes 40-45 hours of sewing time total) before I go to sleep which is likely to be well past midnight and maybe one or two, and try not to bleed on anything I'm making in the process" (as opposed to the rest of the past couple weeks).

I am so Rock Lee it's not even funny...

but yeah, Mako, if you're still interested in the black leather type gloves, my test run worked pretty well and I learned what not to do by only screwing up one pair, so I should have a good pair made tomorrow night and I can take a picture and post it some time after that...
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