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In case anyone wants to see what happens when I DON'T edit... ^^;; [13 Sep 2004|12:12am]
(sweatdrop) This was supposed to be a one-day one-shot. I had four plot points to get in: birthday presents to Kakashi from Iruka, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in the Side Effects universe, with a lemonish twist.

The thing is, (a) I'm shy about writing lemons and (b) I can't write short to save my life.

So this is approximately one-quarter of the story; if it does end up getting posted as a one-shot in its entirety, it'll likely be the longest one-shot in history...

(more sweatdrops) and this is completely unedited 'cause I was trying hard to get the whole thing done today, until it kept twisting away from me actually sitting down and writing the lemon bits...

watch out, the formatting may be funky, this is complete cut-and-paste from HTML )
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