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The master FFVII fic index [31 Dec 2010|11:00pm]
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FFVII 25-streetsigns (brothers) table of contents post [31 Dec 2010|08:00pm]
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FFVII 30 for 3 (S/Z/C) table of contents post (plus a non-theme fic) [31 Dec 2010|06:00pm]
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FF7/KH/Fruits Basket crossover index - Princess Tohru [31 Dec 2010|05:33pm]
Anybody remember the crazy FF7/Kingdom Hearts/Fruits Basket crossover from June? This post is the index for that series, since it doesn't seem to want to quit. :3
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The birthday present that keeps on giving (and/or just wouldn't die!) [30 Dec 2009|09:05pm]
XD So I kind of went and sicced a plotbunny on Jou a year or two ago for birthdayfic ideas? Yep, she's still writing it! (I... I didn't actually intend to devour her ficbrain whole...?) A Nano's worth of writing later, here's the latest installments:

Harrow Children on LJ
Harrow Children on IJ
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Note to self: Don't be a moron [15 Dec 2009|12:10pm]
Wii Fit yoga less than a week after abdominal surgery?


I blame the narcotics.

My brain (clearly still on drugs): But it's yoga! No strength-exercises, no jackknifes, no pushups, no aerobic jumping around, it'll be fine!

Me: Er.

My brain (yep, still on drugs): Besides, you KNOW the thing is going to nag you even more if you go another day without doing anything with it.

Me: ...dammit.

*much fail later*

Learn from my stupidity, young grasshoppers. *hobbling toward the hydrocodone bottle*

must try to catch up with comments later? Crazy week, writing deadline, & two Christmas parties in different cities coming up this weekend, followed by I suspect a loooot of crash and burn sleep...
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zombie iz aliiiiiiive ...kinda [12 Dec 2009|04:41pm]
yep, I'm alive! Woot! I've been asleep for most of the past 24 hours and drugged to the gills the rest of the time (you don't want to know how long it's taken me to type this without typos, srsly, even my FINGERS feel drugged).

Thank you a ton for all the 'hey you better stay alive'-type comments! (echoed by my cat, who keeps walking over to sniff my face and make sure I haven't become dinner yet.) I'm going to try to be coherent enough to reply later?

The docs ended up doing more than they'd originally planned, so I'm not sure how long I'm going to need to stay on the drugs, but 'alive and fumbling toward coherent' is always good in my book. :)
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FML [10 Dec 2009|09:03pm]
So this totally has not been my decade.

Fortunately, Mom's done with her surgeries and half through her treatments. Less fortunately, it's my turn to go in for surgery tomorrow, investigating things to figure out exactly how many more surgeries I'm going to need.

kvetch moan gripe girl-type TMI )
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The Great Squash Dilemma [29 Nov 2009|06:42pm]
So the last time I went home to visit the parents, I came back to town with two squash.

One of these squash was, I kid you not, substantially larger than my fifteen-pound cat. The neighbors and I ate just the neck of the monstersquash in a huuuuuuge vat of soup... leaving over 3/4 of it left for future use. It's now occupying a sizable chunk of my freezer. I haven't even opened the second squash yet.

I went home again for Thanksgiving.

I came home with four more squash (three pumpkins and an acorn).

Now my Christmas prayer goes like this:

"Oh please oh please oh please, let there only be six squash coming back next time. Because I'm clearly caught in either an arithmetic or an exponential progression, and I am just not mentally prepared to deal with sixteen more squash..."

Has anybody got any easy, low-fiddly non-dessert recipes for pumpkins/squash? Between low-carb and low-fat restrictions, pumpkin pies/breads/cakes are kind of out of the question, and I've made a bunch of soup and a bunch of curry and am trying to figure out what else to do that's mass-squash-using (ravioli's way too fiddly to use that much squash with, and my freezer would explode...)
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Weight loss for geeks: 10 lbs in 6 weeks, woot! [14 Nov 2009|09:07pm]
Cut for rambling. Believe it or not, this apparently actually works )
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Anyone got a couple hours' reading time today? [10 Oct 2009|11:42am]
I'm trying to finish off an origfic by a deadline but since it's origfic I don't know if I'm the only person it would make sense to due to the info being only in my head. (that's one thing you don't have to worry about with fanfic -- everybody else knows the world and the people too!) Also I'd like to have some kind of indicator of whether or not it sucks. ^^;;;

Anybody have a couple hours' reading time today?

I'd really like to get some idea whether the tree I'm barking up is even worth barking, so to speak, so that if I need to toss it out I'd still have next weekend for mad high-speed rewrites...

I've got the replies screened so that if anyone feels like leaving me their email address it'll be safe. I'll probably just grab the first volunteer I know well enough...

ETA- I have a volunteer! Thank you! ^____^ (fic sent along...)
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got the pictures worked in! [01 Aug 2009|05:14pm]
Posted the recipes themselves last weekend, nabbed some photo sorting and editing time today...

Cooking with Zack - Mrs. Fair's home cooking
Pairings: N/A (...what, mouth/food? XD)
Rating: G (I assume)
Warnings: Capsaicin overload. Also, Zack playing with fire. :3

( And_Cupcakes on IJ )

( And_Cupcakes on DW )
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Fan-fanworks, overthinkeritis, and Way Too Many Serrano Chiles (TM) later... [26 Jul 2009|03:18pm]
Gongagan cuisine at its finest.

As inspired by Jou's birthday-fic Cooking with Zack. :3

Pictures coming... later. (On the bright side? I bet I have leftovers for a week!)
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There are times I would not believe my life if I was not living it myself [23 Jul 2009|09:55pm]
Finding oneself locked into one's own guest bedroom is not an event one prepares for.

House is from 1933. All the doors are original. None of them closed when I bought the place. I've replaced all the latches with same-period inserts and the original door hardware is still there. For 3 years this was no problem.

Tonight? Tonight I closed myself into the guest bedroom because it's also the office and the tea room, and the cat is not allowed into the tea room because he's convinced that somewhere there is catnip if he can only destroy enough to get at it. So leaving the door open is not an option.

Putter putter putter, tinker tinker tinker, done with project, go to turn door knob... and it turns and turns and turns and turns and I'm pretty sure it's gone all the way around and hey look at that it HAS gone all the way around and there has been a complete failure to engage the latch. And it goes around again. Oh fun. Now what?

Two windows. One goes out on top of the evillest thorniest (and best-smelling) rose bush ever. The other goes out on top of the giant thorny juniper bush. Did I mention I'm only wearing my pajamas? And that I don't know if my neighbors with my spare key are home from work? And that my parents live in another city? And that if I climb out the window, there is not a darn thing I can do to get back into my house because my purse is in the living room since, strangely enough, I was not anticipating needing my house key while going from room to room INSIDE my house?

And all the tools are in my bedroom and my basement and my garage. I have tools all over the place. I think I even have some in the kitchen. The guest bedroom? No tools. I could get the doorknob fixed with a flat head screwdriver. No screwdrivers in here. Folded over tea bag edges are not sturdy enough. (Yes I know this by empirical experimentation.) The wire hook on a hanging folder is too squiggly to twist correctly. (Also empirical experimentation.) No coat hangers for attempts at lock picking from inside to see if I can get at the latch. Headphone jacks do not substitute for coat hangers. What else have I got in here?

...well, it's the tea room. I have a teaspoon.

I broke out of my guest room with a TEASPOON.

I have since:
  • Breathed a huge sigh of relief that I didn't need to jump out the window in my pajamas into a thornbush and hobble across the cobblestone street barefoot and half-naked to the neighbors' house,
  • taken apart and repaired the lock, and
  • made damn sure that I have a flat-head screwdriver in there now.

    ...I should probably make sure I have a flat-head screwdriver in all the rest of the rooms, come to think of it.

    I swear I wouldn't believe my life if I wasn't living through it.
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    More FF7 sackboys [11 Jul 2009|09:54pm]
    (More crocheted madness over at weloveamigurumi -- Sackiroth has comrades now! SackZack, SackCloud, and SackVincent are in action, along with Jenova's yarn-dripping hacked-off crocheted skull. :3

    ...I wonder what it says about my sanity that I have actually crocheted a hacked-off skull and left the stuffing and yarn dangling as the equivalent of blood and guts.

    There'll be more Adventures of Sackiroth posts One Of These Days(TM), because I have literally hundreds of pictures snapped at various cons and plotting out various bits of mischief between the sackboys, but I'm unlikely to have time to code 'em up until the annual "summer work-inundation from hell" period is over. Normally it doesn't hit 'til August; this year it hit in June and hasn't slowed down yet. But one of these days...

    By the way - it's my birthday tomorrow. :3 If anyone happened to feel like telling me which of my fics they like best, or quoting a favorite line, or writing a drabble (or a recipe) into a comment, that definitely counts as presents in my worldview... :)

    Oh yeah -- one more thing on my wish list?

    Would anyone be willing to make a short (20-seconds or less) sound clip of Sephiroth's Advent Children lines about "On your knees; I want to hear you beg forgiveness" or "I've thought of something to give you, Cloud. Shall I give you despair?" ...and then run it through the filter that turns it all chipmunk-pitched?

    This is on account of how Sackiroth has a voice chip in him, and I would looooooooove to get that on there. (Particularly in chibivoice.) But I lack the requisite editing skills. :3
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    One of those months / 'nother recipe [14 Jun 2009|02:48pm]

    (Don't ask. Boring RL stuff that continues to conspire against ficwriting time.)

    In other news, Winry's Thirty-Second Automail Cleaner Hot Chocolate Fondue is good for whatever ails you.
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    not your everyday sandwich [26 May 2009|11:28pm]
    for anybody who likes chocolate-covered strawberries?

    character recipes over at and_cupcakes. :3

    *flat now, zzz*
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    It seems to be going around like the flu [20 May 2009|07:01pm]

    ....okay I edited the font size there, but the whole HUUUUGE HEADLINE NAO thing kinda gets on my designer's instincts a little...
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    So what would you like to see next? [18 May 2009|02:24pm]
    Given that the number of ideas I have waiting in line for free time is always a multiple of the amount of free time actually available, what would you like to see get worked on first?

    (Note 1: The results of this aren't going to be binding on account of how the amount of work I have left to do on various next-installments varies from "a couple more pages" to "first I have to do the outline and then...", but I will keep it in mind when priority-setting.)

    (Note 2: "All of them! All at once!" is just as much not an option as "Naruto," thanks guys. XD There is a reason I used radio buttons rather than ticky boxes.)

    Poll #3736 What world would you like to see a ficbit from next?
    Open to: All, results viewable to: All

    What would you like to be the first thing I work on when I get free time?

    View Answers

    The Dragon of Nibelheim
    22 (36.7%)

    Fruits Basket/Kingdom Hearts crossover
    22 (36.7%)

    Another No True Pair world (specify which one in comments?)
    0 (0.0%)

    Akisu (Zack and the Safer!Sephiroth clone)
    3 (5.0%)

    25 streetsigns (the SHM's adventures in clonepreg)
    5 (8.3%)

    The Photo Adventures of Sackiroth
    3 (5.0%)

    Something else I haven't listed but which you'll tell me in comments (note: Naruto is NOT AN OPTION D:)
    5 (8.3%)

    What should be the second thing I work on, then?

    View Answers

    The Dragon of Nibelheim
    21 (36.8%)

    Fruits Basket/Kingdom Hearts crossover
    10 (17.5%)

    Another No True Pair world (specify which one in comments?)
    0 (0.0%)

    Akisu (Zack and the Safer!Sephiroth clone)
    8 (14.0%)

    25 streetsigns (the SHM's adventures in clonepreg)
    8 (14.0%)

    The Photo Adventures of Sackiroth
    6 (10.5%)

    Something else I haven't listed but which you'll tell me in comments (note: Naruto is STILL NOT AN OPTION D:)
    4 (7.0%)

    Since it seems to be traditional...

    View Answers

    19 (33.3%)

    24 (42.1%)

    Ticky ticky ticky ticky
    30 (52.6%)

    38 (66.7%)

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    I may have created a monster [30 Apr 2009|09:41pm] wait, I know I have created a monster.


    I'm going to take random Sackiroth pictures (and SackFair pictures, and eventually SackCloud and SackAngeal and SackWhoeverTheHeckElse pictures once I get 'em done) and post 'em to the community with Ever So Helpful Commentary(TM). (See also Sackiroth's introductory speech. Also my cat's stupendous level of unimpressedness with Sackiroth's attempts at cat intimidation.)

    Once Sackiroth gets to Jou, she says she'll take pictures of him around Japan and post those too! <3
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